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This is a webcomic. Being that, there are lot's of little sketches and doodles that I have done when creating characters and the like that can be found here. This is a work in progress and things will be constantly added too. Also, I have a lot of misc little doodles that I can't put up here because they would raise lot's a questions, because I do that to myself. It's also a place for FanArt.

This site is currently in a state of disarray, most links are broken. I am working on that but it is low priority at present.

I love getting Fanart, this is a place to display art other people have drawn of my characters. It is the ultimate flattery.
Currently, all links are broken.

Creature by Goagleon
Creature by CrewWolf Creature by CrewWolf Creature by SiriusStar Creature and Splash by SiriusStar Creature by Todd, the Talentless Hack Creature by ShinMaxwell Creature & Splash by Azure Dragon Creature & Splash by Tears For A Unicorn Creature by Sky Wing Creature by Corvox Creature by Lyenuv Creature by Ryaskgoldengryph Creature by SiriusStar Creature by SavannahCat Creature SeaStorm Creature by Sapphire10 Creature by Lin555 Creature, Splash and Ockie by Zephandolf Creature and Splash by Flyte Creature by Cyndwevern Creature by Ravynwolf Creature and Splash by Stickman Creature by Wyatt Creature by Barsecca

Splash by Echostar Splash 'deathfight' by Ravynwolf Creature & Splash by Azure Dragon Creature & Splash by Tears For A Unicorn Splash by Blith Splash & Magic by Bubblerat Splash by Maracrow Splash and Creature by Lin555 Creature, Splash and Ockie by Zephandolf Creature and Splash by Flyte Splash and Magic by Luna Splash and Creature by Stickman Splash Bipedal Horse form by White Pony

Guest Strip by CrewWolf Snow by Jasmine Snow by GeekDragon Magic and Snow by Kittenchan Magic and Snow by Tiku Magic and Snow by Bubblerat Snow by Tigrr Wildcat Snow by Snowghost

Guest Strip by CrewWolf Magic and Snow by Hollso Magic Sketch by Ravynwolf Magic Sketch by Ravynwolf Magic by Emessis Magic and Snow by Kittenchan Magic and Snow by Tiku Magic by Tyreenya Magic and Snow by Bubblerat Magic by Ebonepona Splash and Magic by Luna Autumn Void by Defilerwyrm
Magic by GeekDragon Splash & Magic by Bubblerat Magic by Lachlankersyva Magic by Dimruthien Magic by VampiricCow

Ockie by Mooka Ockie by Hollso Creature, Splash and Ockie by Zephandolf

Kyrs is Sad by CrewWolf

Tarriel by Sunnywolf

Patch by Spike the Goddess Patch by Spiderling00 Patch by Kaydenfenix Patch by SpazzyMazzy Patch by Mistletoe

Silver by Inuki42

Shadow Wolves
Shadow Wolves by Shen Long

Mr Obligatory Fox Guy
Mysterious Fox Guy by CrewWolf

I do love fan art, will work on getting these up and running eventually. You can submit fanart to me, best way is through Facebook to be honest.

For those of you who don't realize it, I'm somewhat of an author of a webcomic. Hopefully you've clued into this by now. However, since I have some experience in this field backing me up, every once in a great while somebody asks me to do a guest strip for their own comic. (well, ok, as of posting, this has happened once). They are listed below.

    Mory's Education: My good friend Eto has a webcomic, and out of desperation she asked her friends both online and off to contribute to her comic by providing a gueststrip so that she could relax and focus on finals. I obliged by sending her a comic about my favorite couple, Mordred, a moody dragon, and his girflfriend Mory's Friend (nobody knows her real name) a chipper feline, both hybrid furries (in that their anthropormorphic while taking human traits), and their trials of dating + retail. Fun Stuff.
    I have learned so very much about how to color comics since I did this.

    How Not To Do A Comic: I wandered onto HNTDAC quite by accident one day, and get an enormous kick out of it, especially after I learned that I broke nearly all of their rules at one time or another. Anyway, it has since become a guilty pleasure.
    After wandering the internet (or more specifically, Keenspace) after viewing this site, I found that the case that HNTDAC makes is quite true. And in fact, some comics, on top of being really badly drawn, threaten to destroy my retina by disobeying the 'no red text' law. So I thought I would reiterate it.
    I love drawing really badly.

    GuestStrips For Creature

    These are strips that were submitted by readers that are in the archives of the comic itself. They are listed here.
    Guest Strip by Barsecca Guest Strip by CrewWolf Guest Strip by Pangolin
    I am not presently doing guest comics for other people or requesting guest comics for myself.

This is where I keep my pieces of artwork that I've done that would be considered more along the lines of 'finished'. That does not really necessarily mean that these are magnificent pieces of art, they just mean that I have considered them to the point that I do not need to work on them any further.

Prior Pieces used for the Website
These are retired images that one time welcomed visitors to the website and have since been changed out. View them here.
  • Teal Comic - One time the comic was done in teal, and Creature headed each and every one of the pages. I think it lasted for maybe a couple of months before I changed it.
  • Black Comic - I had the comic with the black background (and black most everywhere) that gave it a very professional and finished look at the time. I kept it like that for probably six months or so, and I really liked the look of it (a different character headed each page). I would have kept it like this longer except for the comics themselves were done on white backgrounds and I wanted to do something simpler so that the comic would blend seamlessly into the webpage, and hence the comic stands as it currently does.

  • Creature - Yes, the headings have gone through many a metamorphosis (excuse the geeky expression). I like the white background look in relation to the comics, but the header itself needed some help. I don't know, it didn't fit the mood of the comic. So I changed it from the first to the second, which is how it currently stands.

These are more finished pictures, for whatever reason I feel like describing, maybe because they need describing.

Fight - This was shown in the comic, it is of Seastone and Magic dueling. I kind of started sketching on it while I was working on that particular comic strip and the theory of how Magic defeats his father, in which had always been in my mind Magic killing him in the heat of acquiring more power and the start of Magic's dark path to corruption. Overall one of the better sketches I did in a long time that acquired a sense of being finished.

Blood and Fury - or some other equally thrilling and dashing name. I did the whole scenerio with Magic and his story on another sight, just because it was a story line I frequently went back to and I wanted to present the story uninterrupted for my readers to refresh on at there leisure (as opposed to try to sift through the archives to do it.) I also went back and updated some of the art. This image was one of those I went back to and improved.
Frazzled - The end image of this particular sequence of comics was done entirely different then the rest of the world that was portrayed. My excuse was I got lazy and didn't feel like going through all the work to depict what had happened. But fortunately, what came out probably turned out more successful then anything I may have tried to do if I had gone in the same direction as the rest of the world. And as a sketch, this one is very much finished.
Myra Revealed - This is one of the better pictures I was able to do when I first learned how to properly color with photoshop software. Though I like it now, and I really liked it when I first did it, I have come to realize that it really isn't that great of a drawing. I'm just glad that theres always room for improvement, because that simply means I can only get better.
The Enemy Within - The series in which Creature fights with an evil version of himself created some of the better art pieces I did for the comic, especially once they've been scaled down. It also slightly reveals the dangerous beast that exists within Creature. I do wish I had decided to go a bit lighter, as the image is extremely dark, but in doing these images I experimented in other methods of coloring I hadn't tried before to see how they turned out. Not bad.
Splash turns Human - Nothing like a little bit of conveniantly obscured nudity. Doing the sequence of Splash becoming human was fun, and of course confirmed a lot of theories for some people (though they still say very little about the fact). I never considered calling Splash black or anything like that, I would say she is more exotic in race then anything.
Intro to the Demon Chronicles - Magic and Creature once journeyed world through world with one task in mind, to get rid of a beast programmed only to kill and destroy. Or so, that is what Magic alluded to. There's a lot going on in my head for this storyline, one day I'll introduce it to you. In the meantime, here is one of the best depictions I have done of Magic in his true appearance. And I still don't have it right.
Beginnings - When bringing Magic's story to a place where one could view it uninterrupted at their leasure, I had to restart it in another way as well, as I couldn't just jump into the story, there had to be a bit of a storyline to start us going and make us realize that there is more to Magic's curse then meets the eye. This image turned out really well, but you get the full benefit when the black background is introduced. Magic just looks creepy here.
Creature and Splash - Just an image of Creature and Splash and a good description of their relationship. I would describe it as merely tolerant.
Kyrs - Kyrs is a minor character, however for a short time he was depicted throughout my website. I just kind of like this picture of him.
Ratio - I kind of go off when sketching characters and sometimes do not depict them correctly in relation to each other. Here's a size ratio of Creature, Splash, Snow, Magic, and Ockie to give you an idea of how they are supposed to be in relation to each other. The human element is Todd. He's 5'11". There are some inaccuracies with this picture, however, like Ockie and Snow being in the same picture.
Magic - For a long time, I tried to figure out how to depict Magic on paper how I saw him in my head. It was rather difficult. For a while, this was one of the better depictions I was able to do. For kicks and giggles, I colored it. I don't think it really helps though.
Court Jester - This is actually a joke from the original comic, and when I say original, I mean ORIGINAL. Its probably going to pop up again as well. For some reason, I have this thing about mixing animals up and creating something entirely new. I've done it since I was a child. And I did it with Creature. He was a bit annoyed at first, but didn't seem to mind later. Such as it is with Creature.
Recruiting Tool - I probably use this image mostly because I'm in the army and it just appealed to me. If I want to spawn my readers into doing anything special for me, I whip this out.
Myra - Myra in Hybrid Form. I do a lot of Hybrids, I'm surprised they don't show more often in the comic. They will. Some people quickly picked up on who exactly Myra is, but the real question is how does she fit in the comic?
WARNING This image contains nudity.

Misc Creature Sketches - 'finished'
These don't really need an explanation. They aren't that great, but they are very much self explanatory. They're all of Creature, and they kind of show the progress in my abilities to color them via computer. I've gone from horrible to not bad.


I've done so many of these guys, that they need there own spot. They're Creature's kind, sort of. There's quite a few of them in side stories of the comic. I do have an idea of how to explain these guys, their methods and motives, and exactly what they are, but that is a work in progress. In the mean time, well, I got lots of sketches of 'em!

These are just sketches that I've done in regards to this comic. There are quite a few of these in fact.

Creature Sketches

Other Character Sketches

Snowboarding Sketches

These all showed up in one comic. I took the time to make them look halfway decent. So here's a close up of them individually.

Conceptual Sketches
These are sketches I've done when creating characters. There are quite a few of these actually. i just find them interesting to see as I was developing Characters.

The Very First - this entire webcomic was inspired by a Freshman Art Assignment. You know how scary this is to think about? And this Creature manifested to the world. When I initially created him, I had no idea about what I was going to be doing with him. That happened Sophmore Year.
First Conceptial Sketches - When I first started Creature, part of the assignment was making a character and I had this thing I made in an art class and I thought, 'well, why don't I make a story about him?' So I drew these out. Bear in mind, at this point, I drew mainly from pictures and actually could draw really well. I just didn't know squat about drawing things out of my head like this.
Early Creature - Ok, this is not the first depiction of Creature I've ever done. Just among the first when I started planning the webcomic. He resembles Disney's Tramp. I had originally had these plans of doing extremely different comics everytime I went to a new world. I later discovered I was not nearly creative enough to accurately pull this off.
Concepts of Tarriel - Look, its the runt dragon. This was not the first depiction I ever did of Runt, oh no. Just for the comic.
Fire Starters - This spawns from my desire to create a very unique group of beings that was never seen before. But what I came up with was something I didn't want to ruin with what I was planning on doing with them. These guys are in reserves for a future world, I have to make it just right. What I did end up using is the two beasts who got thrown into Patch's realm and turned into wolves. I have a lot of plans with Patch.
Magic - Yes, if you browsed through my entire gallery, you've seen this picture already. I personally prefer this one actually. This is one of the first pictures drawn of Magic outside the influence of Snow that was successful. It was just a quick ink sketch, and my sister decided to sign it for me along one of his horns.
Eyrich's Guardian - This is one of the better pictures I did of Eyrich's Guardian, and her talking horse who obeys her every whim. It actually turned out rather well, for a sketch. Note her steed never carries a saddle.
Annoyances - This was one of the first drawings I did to introduce another being that also existed in the Vortron. This being is actually somebody who annoys the Vortron. Because the Vortron can't do a damn thing about his presence. A couple of my more observant readers pegged this guy right away. And they were right. His name is Silver.
Snowboarding - Well, the whole Snowboarding spiel I had kind of planned out a long time ago, becuase it happens to be a slight hobby of mine and although the impact on the comic as a whole is minimal, well, Dad NAb it I just wanted to do it! And from the start, I knew Creature wouldn't get it at all. And would come back with death in his eyes and plotting his revenge on Todd because of it. Unfortunately, when I finally did do the comic, I burned myself out regularly and the art was not up to par with my usual standard. But I still have this piece, which I find funny as hell.
Skeleton - You know I must have been bored if I took the time to draw what Creature might look like if you took off his outsides.
Creature and Splash - This is something I did early on in the comic, and I made one little error. Creature never has two horns on his snout. But that doesn't change the fact that this depicts an incident that is kind of important later.
Or ELSE!!! - Every once in a while, Magic actually does border doing something mean to Snow. It usually only happens when she pushes the envelope a bit much. This scene showed up in the comic once, this was the concept behind that scene. Here I just kind of colored it for effect. The effect ain't that great.
Demon Chronicles - The Demon Chronicles almost came out of nowhere, but the background to it predates the webcomic. When I actually plotted out the story behind it, I got this nervous excitement that got me sketching this out. This is obviously a sketch, but the idea is there. Demon is looking at Creature with this hungery longing in his eyes, were Creature and Magic are just rubbing against each other in all the wrong ways. I then proceeded to draw several pictures of this exchange, and further plotted it out. I'm not sure how this is going to fit in the comic, but someday it will. At least I know I got some people interested in what I'm talking about.
Night - This character has only been introduced once in this comic, and at that time, he was a little out of character. He's a brooding young man who is at odds with himself because he is stuck between two very different worlds, and is not accepted in either one. He's very close to Magic, who mentored him for some time. He's not vital to the comic, but he is kind of a near and dear character to me. I drew him hybrid here. He has three different forms.

So, what does this section mean? Basically, I've done a lot of comics where I would doodle something out and it would never make it into the comic. Usually its a lot of conceptual work. Also, at times, the idea is something I liked, I just didn't want to put it up just yet. As such, well, there isn't a whole lot here. These are all sketches for the most part, as I didn't bother to finish them, mainly because I didn't feel like putting in the time to put it into the comic. Get my drift??? This will be added to continually.
The First Comic - This whole comic is based on something I did for school way back when. It was kind of a fun little assignment that I kind of slacked off on. Because honestly, I didn't know what I was doing. The webcomic is based on this comic, and though somethings have changed, a lot of things have remained the same. The presentation has been cleaned up though. It just gives you an idea of how far I've come. Broken Link
Vedging: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 - So, what is this? Upon arriving home from my little south american excursion, I was very unmotivated to do the comic, so I came up with this little idea that Creature was trying to remind me that I had this obligation. It is a series that never made it into the flow of the comic, as the timing of the joke was off when I lost the movie the comic is taking its punchline from (my brother took it before I could acquire the quotations I needed) It was originally a sequence of comics that would have uploaded one at a time. I thought it was funny, but I could never get the feel for the last image down. So I never included it. This comic was drawn shortly after I returned from South America in 2002. I still had dark hair, and so I put my dark hair in the comic.
Unpleasant thoughts: This was actually take two of this series of comics (as you can tell, I was a bit indecisive when I posted it, but I changed my mind as it would raise to many questions, questions that I would be in no position to answer. Mainly for one, why would Magic think that? Being that it may, there was really no logical explanation for him to think this in his mind so the comic had to go. I just thought it was kind of funny.
Original Comic for June 18, 2003 - This is the one that I posted. I really like the original, however I felt that there was a point to be made that needed to be addressed. So I addressed it. The following comics from this series were, shall I say it? Gawd Awful depictions of complete computer illustration, but call it my further tinkering with how to illustrate on the computer. I'm getting better.
Giving a Flying Rat's Ass - Giving a Flying Rat's Ass is one of my more common sayings that I use, usually when I'm frustrated. This was spawned during my whiney bitchy days. But it actually came out pretty funny! And it shows a slight plot point to the comic, one of which was at the time that Creature and Splash were shape shifters, which I didn't want revealed just yet, as well as when going to native forms, Splash can only take a form that Creature has taken. And Creature can force Splash into the form if he so desires. This has not proven very healthy however. As shown here. Don't ask me why they don't fly.

I do draw a lot. In fact, I have a lot of drawings that are in no way related to Creature. You can check out this art at the following sites if you want. Deviantart has the most variety within it.

Deviant Art

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