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Name: Magic
Sex: Male
Species: A Unicorn with Draconic Wings / A black Unicorn Dragon Hybrid
Eye Color: Brown / Red
Appearance: Magic has two appearances. His first, which is his original appearance, is that of his unicorn self. He is generally a pure white unicorn with a beard and draconic wings. His nose, ears, and lower feet are grey, almost black. He's sort of muscular, fairly large, with fur around his hooves as well. He is seen this way through the eyes of his companion, Snow.
His other appearance (dubbed Unidracocus) is a curse that he has undergone that causes him to be jet black with a hint of Equine and Draconic features intermittent. He's got claws everywhere, and his back has a ridge of spikes running down the length. He's not fun to behold. He can be depicted with or without his horn in this manner.
Personality: Magic has been around a while, he's understood that he's made some mistakes and now has to learn to deal with them. He's a wise mentor, finding himself in a father like figure role several times. He's not sure if this is a role he's suited for or not, but he has a soft spot in his heart for kids. He can get mean however, and when he's unidracocus, you better not cross him.
Accessories: His companion, Snow. She is only seen when he's in his unicorn form however.
Extra Tidbits: You can learn about Magic's Story Here.
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