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Name: Patch
Sex: Male
Species: Spotted Rabbit
Eye Color: Brown
Anthro/Normal- Kind of an Anthro/Normal Mix
Max rating- Violence Ok, no sex please. . .

Physical- white with black Spotted rabbit that's armed to the teeth
Clothing/Accessories- Red bandana around head, earring in left ear, a lot of assault weaponry, mostly things that go bang bang and things that go stabity stab. . .
Personality- A little psychotic and out to get anything that would normally eat him (you know, even up the gene pool sort of thing) . . . I think he's had a traumatic childhood and he's out to wrack vengence on the rest of the world because of it. . .
Anything Else/Misc- He's a very minor character in my comic. You are HERE. He also has an unlimited arsenal of weapons, and part of the mystery is where they come from, as nobody really knows. Though he is a minor character and has only shown up twice however, doesn't mean that he is gone for good. Oh no, he'll be back.

Reference Pics:

By Me
Because he only shows up twice in this comic, I'll direct link to both comics.
Easter Comic! - Patch in Form
the art isn't very good at that point, I was still learning all the tools of the trade with photoshop.

By Others
Patch by Spike the Goddess Patch by Spiderling00 Patch by Kaydenfenix Patch by SpazzyMazzy

Contributing Artists' Websites
Spike the Goddess

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