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Name: Snow
Sex: Female
Species: Same thing Creature is, which is a dog goat dragon lizard. . . thing. . .
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Appearance: Snow is very much cute and precocious, being somewhat of a Toddler that knows to much and yet wants to know even more. She is pure white with a grey belly, grey horns and grey membranes on her wings. Her ears are more rounded then most of her kind giving her an even sweeter appearance. However, she's cute and she knows it. She is very mischievious.
Personality: Snow is your typical Toddler type. She wants to know why about everything. But her intentions are pure and good natured though she can't entirely escape what she is.
Accessories: Her companion, Magic, who is always seen as a white unicorn with dark nose, ears and lower legs.
Extra Tidbits: For more reference on Snow, check out the other member of her kind, Creature.
Reference Pics:
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By Others
Snow by Jasmine Snow by GeekDragon Magic and Snow by Kittenchan Magic and Snow by Tiku Magic and Snow by Bubblerat Snow by Tigrr Wildcat Snow by Snowghost

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