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Name: Creature
Sex: Male, but honestly, that don't mean anything.
Species: A hybrid of Dog, Goat, Dragon, Lizard among others. . .
Eye Color: Right Eye Blue, Left Eye Brown, Brown Spot over left eye
Appearance: Creature isn't very big, he might go up to your knee if he stood on all fours. His head is furry and roughly canine, with a horn on the end of his nose and two horns on the top of his head. His head fur is white, with a brown spot over his left eye and a brown right ear. His body is scaly, green with a yellow underbelly and yellow membranes on his wings. Yeah, he has wings. He's got a ridge of small stubbly spikes running down the length of the back. These are sometimes depicted, sometimes not. His hands have two fingers and a thumb, ending in claws, kind of like talons but not. His feet have two toes and are almost hoof like, but not quite. More like a combination of claws and hooves. Something like that. He can stand on his hind feet, but he prefers to run around on all fours.
Personality: Kind of flighty and fidgety, but usually rather curious about things. He's not stupid, a better word for him would be clueless. However, if the mood strikes him right, Creature can turn violent.
Accessories: Not much of any. Usually he's seen with a unicorn named Splash
Extra Tidbits: Creature is the keeper of a Gateway between Time and Worlds. He can shape shift too. Imagine that. This website is actually devoted to him, you can surf it and see what you can come up with.
Reference Pics: Comics that really bring out Creature's Personality. . .
By Me

Not Creature, but Close, For Reference only

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