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Name: Splash
Sex: Female
Species: A Unicorn with Draconic Wings
Eye Color: Green, almost Teal
Appearance: Splash is a pure white unicorn with a gold horn and white wings. Sometimes she is depicted as having gold hooves too but this is wrong. My bad. She is considered to be very beautiful.
- Note, you do have the option of drawing her anthro if you wish.
Personality: Usually Splash has patience in spades, unless it is concerning her companion, Creature.
Accessories: None, only her companion, the forementioned Creature.
Extra Tidbits: Splash is stuck in a gateway between time and dimensions with a character that she doesn't always get along with. She can also shape shift, generally taking human form.
Reference Pics:
By Me

In human Form, (or in transition)

By Others
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