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If this comic were a DVD, this is all the fascinating and pointless Extra Features that don't necessarily mean a hill of beans in the course of the comic.

The Making of Creature

I created this series of comics to show anybody curious about how I color things on the computer, for one so that perhaps I could get tips from some pros on ways to do it quicker, and two, to show how I did it for those curious to know. I originally placed this series in the Trashbin, which is just that, but since I dumped the trash, I thought it would be wise to preserve this. So I did.

This comic has made quite a transition in regards to art. When I first started it, I can honestly say I didn't know what in the world I was doing. As time progressed, I started to learn how one actually utilyzes computer illustrating software (most specifically, photoshop). As you read, you can tell that the comic goes through some major improvements. I guess drawing Creature a hundred or so times really grinds it into my head. I also have a nice good long commentary that you can feel free to read along, or not. Mostly its just me rambling.

Pointless Trivia!
This comic has been a project a few years in the making (if you haven't noticed.) There are little tidbits about different characters or events, or whatnot, that don't really pertain to the comic on a whole, but just other pointless facts of information. Most of the trivia surrounding the two main characters is, well, detrimental to the story, however the side characters have lot's of extras about them. This will be added to as more characters are introduced to the comic.

  • Creature hasn't always had a spot.
  • In the paperwork for the original comic, listed as one of Creature's enemies are Cats.
  • I originally created this comic in December of '96. On top of introducing Creature and Splash, I also introduced Magic, a unicorn who had falled down a dark path, his brother Star and the concept for a character named Sarule (who at the time went unnamed). I didn't touch the comic for two years after that.
  • Two years later, I started a novel, which eventually reintroduced all of the above named characters. It's still unfinished. Blast it all.
  • Magic originally told his story to Creature and Splash.
  • Magic is intimidated by Creature. Bet you would have never guessed that.
  • Magic's appearance is relative to the person looking at him. Generally, this consists of Snow's depiction vs. everybody else's.
  • The very first world I originally had Creature and Splash visit was Earth, Australia. They ran into a Kangaroo.
  • They mistook the said Kangaroo for a rabbit.
  • Magic is the third oldest creation in this comic.
  • Todd is Left-handed.
  • He also has about a half dozen nicknames.
  • Creature is Ambidextrious.
  • In regards to the artwork of the comic, Creature's eyes are always colored, with a few general exceptions.
  • Dealing with the dragons, Jasar is a dragon mage, whereas Dyontor is training to be a spy of sorts.
  • Tarriel has blue eyes, though his brother has brown.
  • Although knowledge of her existence was known for some time, I didn't make or name the character of Snow until the creation of this comic.
  • Kyrs' name was changed during the creation of the test from Kurs to Kyrs, although I have made him up since '99. Just because I liked the spelling better.
  • Innocence is a trait prized in a Keeper.
  • The Vortron never repeats a form taken previously.
  • Creature was originally portrayed with a dachsand head. He also had no spot. The coloring was just rather random in how I did it. The assignment was to combine two or more animals into one for an art assignment. It's all history from there.


Gosh, there are goofs in this comic? But I make it seem like I'm so good about not creating such errors. Well, I have, and I did. And they are listed below. Any Grammatical errors are generally not listed. If you find any that i have forgotten, you can always remind me via email.

  • The first comic. The Very first??? Yes, that's right, I made an error by giving Creature Four Fingers when he later shows that he only has three. This was corrected when I went back and redid the very first comics.
  • The thumbs on both Creature's and Splash's wings disappear and reappear quite frequently from time to time.
  • Splash's eyes were originally uncolored through the first comics in the Vortron. This too was later corrected when the first comics were redone.
  • The original comics for february 8th and 11th originally had Dimension misspelled as Dimmension. Oops. It was spelled that way through the listing at Keenspace for a long time as well before it was eventually corrected.
  • When Zaret lassoes Creature after Creature takes to the air, he lassoes his right foot, but later in the bottom panel his left foot is shown lassoed. Oops.
  • Creature's size fluctuates a bit from time to time. Anyone else notice this? It's basically my own damn fault of not drawing him consistently.
  • Magic's beard is completely gone for two comics in a row at the end of January 2003. It then comes back. I just conveniantly forgotten it.

Questions and Answers Comics - Broken Link, addressing it so I don't miss it later

One of the things we got started in the forum is a little running joke about asking the characters any question at all and see how they would answer, in a way only they would answer. Some of the questions were answered directly, others were put in comic format.

The comics are usually reserved for questions not answered directly, but still, the whole process has turned out to be rather good fun. I'm sad that I lose the forum for this, but the q&a in comic format still exists.

The Original Comic - Broken Link

A long time ago, in the galaxy that we reside in now, I had an art assignment, involving two strange beings named Creature and Splash. More info found in Here It was done hastily, the artwork is anything but great, but the foundations of the comic now reside in those few pages.

Yes, this is the original comic, in its entirity, which isn't really that big of a deal because I never finished it and I had this grand idea in my head for a long time that I never portrayed on paper until I decided to do a webcomic.

A lot of things have changed since I did this comic too, the characters have been developed and some names have been changed. But everything that happens here, will eventually happen in the webcomic as well, roughly. Some things change. But some things remain the same.

All characters and contents © 1996 to Present Kami Erickson Donnelly, aka Risawn.
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