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Well, this is simple. It all started with the spring semester of my freshman art class in ‘96 where I was given the assignment to make a creature out of clay that combined two or more animals. It took me a while to figure out what I was going to do, but I finally got this idea where I combined a dog with a dragon thing, and the concept behind Creature was born. I still have the sculpture.

The next year, I took a fantasy art class where we were instructed to do a comic book. I didn’t have any clue as to what to do when my mind came back to the sculpture I made the previous spring. So I decided ‘hey, why don’t I give this guy a story?’ So thus, I named him and introduced his companion Splash, and their job, and walah! The comic was born!

Of course, I did my assignment, which had them visit one world, and introduced their job and basic powers and after that, i dinked off with it a little more and created a few more characters and started developing a plot. The plot never saw it past the planning stages, at least, in comic book format, however.

My senior year in high school, in a mythology class, I discovered my love for writing bizarre fantasy stories (although i admit I’m not all that good at it). I started this hero story, introducing a character known Kazin and his world. And I thought, ‘why not merge Kazin’s story with Creature’s?’ So I did. The story I wrote involving Kazin has evolved into a story of massive proportions, and in it I have explained greatly Creature’s backgrounds and more specifically what he is (as in species, sorry, you don‘t get to know), what his job is, and what his weaknesses are.

Are you asking to read that story? Tough! It is restricted (and contains many spoilers to this webcomic). That story is still a work in progress, as is the three other stories I’m currently writing. It is dire need of extensive rewriting and editing before ANYONE gets to lay their eyes on it.

Well, as if my plate wasn’t full enough, fall quarter 2001 at Spokane Falls Community College, i took a class with a girl who had a webcomic. She introduced it to me and I was instantly hooked. Be sure to read it! It’s called Mory's Education . Well, her comic kind of got me thinking, “what if I published a webcomic about creature?’ So i dug out my notes and began the planning stages, and since Keenspace is a free webcomic server, I thought, "well, let’s try it for a little while, and see how it goes."

So anyway, that’s my background on Creature, send me an email on the FAQ’s page if anything confuses you about him, I’ll see if I can answer it or not.

All characters and contents copyrighted, 2002 Kami Erickson, aka Risawn.
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