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Now that I got your attention. . .

This comic has periods of sporatic non-updates. As such, sometimes if I get into a funk, I really like to have available to me some comics that are known as 'fillers'. So, if you want, as a gargantuan favor to me, I can always use what we in the webcomic world call 'Guest Comics'.

I am always taking Guest Comics from people, however sometimes I will do a call out and see if I can't get the masses to produce some for me. Its always nice to have some already on hand when these situations arise.

For those of you who have read the comic, and my own bizarre input on various facts regarding the comic, you probably get the gist that there are a lot of things to be seen about the two main characters, along with the literally hundreds of side characters they run into along the way. That being said, I decided I would give a little layout of the rules regarding Guest Comics.

So you want to do a Guest Comic?

Guidelines to remember when doing a Guest Comic for Creature.

  • Well, first remember that this is a guest comic. Tada! So guess what? I'm not going to be all anal on you if you break a few rules or bring the characters out of, well, character and make them do something that they wouldn't ordinarily do. Its because its a guest comic and as such, I allow leeway for such things. However. . .
  • If you are too worried about breaking character and you really have a cool idea, you can email me to make certain it works. I will give you a yes or no answer on the perspective character on whether or not they would do that. But I don't require it. Heck, you can surprise me.
  • If you are totally uncreative yet you can draw, you can draw a pretty picture. Pretty Pictures are uber-cool. I'm always a sucker for Fan Art. However, no guarantees it will make it into the flow of the comic as an actual comic if there is just a picture.
  • If you do a guest comic, please label your artwork in a matter as such. "Art Copyrighted Your Name, Characters Copyrighted Kami Erickson Date
  • If you have a website yourself and you want to give yourself a little shameless self promotion, I don't mind you listing the URL on the bottom of the comic in an inconspicuous place. Besides, you are actually doing me a favor.
  • At the end, email to me at Risawn@yahoo.com. Put 'Creature Guest Comic' in the subject line so I don't mistake it for SPAM and accidentally delete it.

Please remember these DON'TS

  • Don't do porn or heavy sexual content. This comic has a rating of PG 14, not Mature (um, I will explain myself at a later date). Although I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was a bit curious as to which characters you put into the porn at this time.
  • Don't Be Impatient. Depending on my schedule and the flow of the comic, I might not get your guest strip up right away. Thank you for submitting a piece to me, however I will put it up at my discretion. If I forget, please don't get mad, I am rather frazzle brained. There is no hard feelings here.
um, actually, that's the only don't I can think of. Keep it within PG14. Easy enough?? Ok then!

Thanks again!

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1996 to Present