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Creature and Splash and the concept of the Vortron is copyrighted by myself, the artist of this comic, commonly referred to either as Risawn, Kami or K Erickson, and I will not have people stealing them. Similarity in story line to other stories in print is unintentional and purely consequental.

Characters or products mentioned in the comic might belong to somebody else and if so will be mentioned appropriately.

I am currently not making a substantial earning on this comic (if this comic were a business, I would severely be in the red right now) and am not using it for profit or a significant source of income.

The basic concept of Creature and the vortron are of my own imagination. Please don't use him without my permission.

I have mentioned within the course of the comic due to pop culture reference that I bare no creative genius for includes. . .

  • Mountain Dew - Pepsi Cola Co
  • Back to the Future - Universal Pictures
  • Scooby Do - Hannah Barbara
  • Somewhere in Time - Universal
  • LA Dodgers - National Baseball League

If you have any questions or feel that I may have infringed on your creative copyright (or whatever its called), please email me at risawn@yahoo.com.

Vortronics Comics © K Erickson, AKA Risawn
1996 to Present