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Name: Zaret
Alias: None
Sex: Male, we think
Species: An Eyeball?
Age: Unknown
Job Description: Polices his world from scum
Appearance: A little larger then Creature, Six legs all of which are functioning hands. Color varies according to his meal. A ridge of spikes descend the back of his head. Of course, has one very large eyeball and a very decieving mouth.
Personality: Rather forth right and demanding. Can be particularly hostile at times. However, has a very one tracked mind.
Likes: Yellow Kippah.
Dislikes: Creature and other multiple eyed beings

Name: Kerzantherconkenspiten
Sex: Unknown
Species: An Eyeball?
Job Description: Zaret's mount, or something of that nature.
Appearance: Eight Legs, brownish in color. his eye sticks out from the top of his head, has two very large tusks and a long tongue.
Personality: kind of Timid yet curious. Has an easily hurt self conscience.
Likes: Splash (although he's a bit hurt by her)
Dislikes: being hit

Name: Ockie
Sex: Unknown
Species: Kippah
Age: Unknown
Job Discription: Splash's Pet, unofficial Mascot
Appearance: Cutesy Terra Cotta colored creature with one eyeball and spikes that stick out forward on its head.
Personality: Somewhat curious, however does not seek self gratification for a tasty meal of Zaret Webbing over certain death.
Likes: Saliva
Dislikes: Watching friends get eaten.
Tidbits: Ockie was created on a whim, and he became a fan favorite. He also appears to retain memory within the vortron whenever the entity of the 'Vortron' leaves. He is also the first one to notice the Vortron's presence, and has a tendency to hang out with it.

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