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This section is dedicated to characters found in the Vortron.

Name: Creature
Species: Called a 'dog' by most people who have actually seen them, as their natural form is roughly canine, and the fact that they largely shift into canine forms, hence the name 'dog'. It is also derogatory in nature. The Dog's don't seem to mind though.
Age: Unknown, as age is affected within the vortron, though apparently when thrust into it he was very young.
Job Description: Guardian of the Vortron
Appearance: Canine Face, Reptillian Body. An unmistakable brown spot over left eye. White fur, green scales, left eye brown, right eye blue. His appearance is very unusual. He can shift into most species when visiting specific worlds, but his spot remains constant.
Personality: Somewhat naive, a little carefree, Extremely curious, bored quickly. Overreacts at times, especially when it concerns his job. No concept of personal space, at times clingy. A little unpredictable. Sometimes appears to have knowledge of the event at hand in spades, othertimes completely clueless. He's also completely asexual, meaning he has the hormones of a five year old. In otherwords, none.
Abilities: Deciphers the ancient text, written in his native tongue. Can speak and understand telipathy. Extremely quick learner, however forgets just as quickly. Has the ability of flight, if he can figure it out. Also has an extensive vocabulary considering how many words he doesn't know the meaning of.
Tidbits: Creature has been placed into the Vortron with the instruction to guard it. And that was about it. He remembers nothing of his time before arriving here and has made it his ultimate goal to figure out why. In fact, there are many 'why' questions that Creature seeks to answer. In due time.

Name: Splash
Species: A species of winged unicorn, specific name is a Jalnyan Unicorn.
Age: Age is affected by the Vortron, and henceforth is not entirely known.
Job Description: Companion to Creature, the common sense of the two.
Appearance: Unicorn with draconic wings. Green eyes, white fur. There are no blemishes on her. Although drawings don't always depict such, she is very beautiful.
Personality: A little more sarcastic then Creature, also a bit wiser. However, she bores easily too. She often keeps Creature sane. Although she has forgotten everything prior to the Vortron, she seems to have retained her common sense, unlike Creature who apparently has known. She has very little patience for Creature at times, and although not entirely vain, she does not tolerate being compared to a horse.
Abilities: Sharp Pointy on head makes a handy dandy weapon. In fact, when it comes to fighting, Splash can hold her own. Some magical ability, though this has yet to be discovered.
Tidbits: Splash isn't entirely sure WHY she's in the Vortron with Creature, she just knows that she is. She feels a sense of loyalty in completing her job, however she wants to know just as much as he does why she is there specifically.

Alias: Snow (Magic's petname for her)
Species: Same as Creature, nicknamed a 'dog'
Age: Age is affected by the Vortron, and as such so is her intelligence and abilities. However, she maintains the curiosity of a young child. Which isn't surprising, Magic knows her to be quite young.
Job Description: Guardian of the Vortron, heir to the title as it was given to her by Creature.
Appearance: Very puppy like, soft white fur and big blue eyes. Scales are white, underbelly is silver in appearance. She looks very sweet and inncocent, and just plain cute.
Personality: That of a toddler, constantly asking why. Often interrupts Magic in the middle of one of his stories to ask anything from why Magic has gray on his nose to if he has ever killed anybody (sometimes she asks questions about Creature too). She is sweet, but not as innocent as she looks, she probably knows more then she should. Snow is not entirely like her parent race, as you will come to see. Her intentions are surprisingly good as opposed to otherwise.
Abilities: Snow has a strange power over Magic that Magic can't quite explain. For one, she sees him as he should be inside. This is due partially to a spell that was cast upon her upon her conception. It is a very long story. Otherwise, she holds the same abilities that Creature does in the role of Guardian, to an extent.
Tidbits: Snow knows quite a bit, however has a desire to learn more. Its just a trait that children generally possess really. Her questions are genuine and of the purest intentions. She has a bit of mischieviousness in her, she can't escape some of the traits that are genetic. One other, slightly important fact is that Snow has no alternate selves. As such, she is free to roam whatever realities she so desires. As long as Magic permits her too. This trait of hers is a strength as well as a weakness. This trait will be explained in due time.

Name: Magic
Species: Temartin Unicorn, also has an alternate appearance that was termed as 'Unidrak'
Age: As of entering the Vortron, he's 43. However, the Vortron skews that just a bit.
Job Description: Narrator as well as companion to Snow.
Appearance: Unicorn with draconic wings. Brown eyes, white fur with gray on the nose, ears and lower legs. At least, that is how Snow sees him with her uncorrupt eyes. His other appearance is somewhat draconic in nature, and jet black with red eyes.
Personality: Wise, been around the block and seen some things. Has a dark past but doesn't let that phase him now. His main worry is not losing patience with the toddler under his care. He's an older brother and has acted as a mentor more then a few times, but sometimes he too can be a bit childesh. But experience has helped him grow past that.
Abilities: Many, including immortality. Of which most are to be discovered.
Tidbits: Magic fell in love with Splash the moment he laid eyes on her. However, due to his past and the choices he has made, he would never accept her as a mate, only because she is far above him and he does not deserve her. However, Magic would do anything, ANYTHING for Splash if she so asked it of him. Magic was also, at one time, a conspirator with dragons. He was cursed further by a stranger who he found out later had a closer connection to him then he could have realized.

Name: Silver
Species: That of Creature and Snow, a 'Dog', but one important difference that will be explored later.
Job Description: Something that is presently not really known, however apparently a nuisance to the Vortron. In fact, Silver only shows up under very specific circumstances. Usually in memories, dreams, and whenever Creature and Splash nearly find the homeworld.
Appearance: Canine Face, Reptillian Body. Silver fur and a silver greenish body. Probably close to three feet at the shoulder, when standing on hind legs roughly six and a half feet. Carries a single ring in right ear lobe which is related to status elsewhere. Also carries a medallion of sorts around the neck. This medallion is important. Silver has been seen in a human form as well, and the human form is somewhat adrogynous in appearance.
Personality: Knowledgable, bossy, however young. An anti authority figure, does not obey certain rules. Kind of used to making up and living to own rules in fact.
Abilities: Can find anyone or anything that is being sought after. Good collecter of various tidbits of knowledge.
Tidbits: Silver's intentions are not entirely known, and won't be for a long time as one tries to figure out what is going on in Silver's head. However, a fairly important character, one must wonder what Silver is doing in the Vortron as well.

Name: Vortron
Species: A shape shifter in that it takes various forms related to whatever it feels. Forms can be living creatures or objects. But otherwise, tis the soul of the gateway, so to speak, in a way.
Age: infinite, as age is a factor of time, or all of that nonsense.
Job Description: Gateway between Time, Worlds and Dimensions, among other things.
Appearance: Very hard to define. The vortron appears in a number of shapes, from a decrepid old woman to a cat. However, is quite fond of taking on the form of Pop-Icons from various worlds, especially the dominant worlds (to include earth). In other words, it fluctuates. Of course, there is more to the Vortron then just its appearance. Otherwise a vast wide void.
Personality: Some what sneaky, will do all in it's power to kick the guardian out of its realm. However, it is very patient, as it has until eternity. It also, at times, displays a malicious sense of humor. The Vortron is not good or evil, it only has one task that it will accomplish regardless, and that is, keep mortals out of the Vortron. The vortron appears to be a guardian of itself. Makes you wonder why the Vortron needs a guardian, doesn't it?
Trademark: Only appears when main characters are within the Vortron. You will also be able to tell it apart as it is the only one defined in color within the Vortron, with only one exception.
Abilities: On top of being a shape shifter, which in itself isn't that entirely fascinating, the vortron has several powers. One is to influence people, putting fate into people's choices. This ability is related to chance, the ability to make odds of a million to one happen. It also influences its visitors GREATLY!!! The vortron is capable of godlike powers, an omniscient presence to an extent, however it is not a god.
Tidbits: When the vortron appears in the presence of its guardians, upon leaving their presense, they appear to forget everything discussed from the moment it appeared to the moment it disappeared. If they remember anything, it is in a chaotic mess within their minds
The Vortron also never runs into Splash and Creature in the same chronilogical order. Time is scewed in the vortron and doesn't flow like it does in other worlds.

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