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Name: M. Todd Ivory. First name is generally off limits. It's Meryl. Which is a feminine spelling of an androgynous name. he hates it.
Alias: The Saint, T-Man, M.T., among others.
Sex: Male
Species: Human, or rather, an American
Age: 17
Homeworld: Earth, North America, inland northwest region. I've always pictured a suburb of Seattle
Job Description: A High School Senior
Appearance: Brownish Blondish Hair which is usually a bit long and messy, light blue eyes, about 5'10", Athletic. Not bad looking, kind of average really.
Tidbits: Todd, being the first person we meet outside of Creature and Splash in this comic, was kind of unwittingly given the job of being the personal tour guide for them, and to explain everything they need to know about getting by, most of which is common sense really. He also has unwittingly been the giver of information reguarding how to do certain things that only they can do. For one, shape shift. He's named for his grandfathers. His first name is off limits, thereby, he goes by his middle name. He's also a musician of sorts, he plays guitar and drums, along with the Violin. What can I say? His mom teaches music.

Other tidbit, this world takes place in 2002/2003. Todd is a graduate of the class of 2003 and has always been. So these comics are from that era.

Alias: Creature, Spot, and we discover, a host of others.
Sex: Male, at least in appearance. He hasn't quite grasped the concept of 'gender'.
Species: *cough* Human *cough*
Age: Seventeenish
Homeworld: Netherlands
Job Description: Foreign exchange student. I mean, the country that founded Amsterdam would at least be able to explain why Scott acts the way he does, shouldn't it?
Appearance: Rather short for male standards, around 5'3", birthmark around left eye, left eye brown, right eye dark blue. Kind of skinny, lanky, boyish in appearance. Hair kind of sticks up on end. has a perpetual curious look on his face.
Tidbits: Well, obviously Scott isn't a dutch foreign exchange student. No, just a shape shifting interdimensional time traveler that likes to cause havok on Todd's life. Todd is constantly having to explain him and his actions to everyone. Of course, when Todd first met him, this wasn't quite the case.

Alias: Splash, Sparky
Sex: Female
Species: *cough* also human *cough*
Age: Seventeen
Homeworld: Netherlands, but possibly of Surinamese parents. I've done my research.
Job Description: Foreign exchange student from same place as Scott. She doesn't act nearly as bad as he does, but she has her moments as well.
Appearance: Tall, 5'10", dark skin, long black hair. Startling jade green eyes.
Tidbits: And obviously, Alyssa isn't quite what she appears either. A shape shifting unicorn that travles between dimensions and time. All of Todd's friends seem to think she's flippen hot, including Todd, who has moral issues with looking at her naked. It comes with the territory.

Name: Zoey
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: 5
Job Description: Todd's sister
Appearance Long dark blondish brown hair, light blue eyes, kind of spritely, generally full of energy unless her eyes are glued to the television.
Tidbits: All the Ivory boys know their mother wanted a girl every time one of them was born. Zoe came long after she stopped trying. And unfortunately, instead of the dainty little girl she wanted, she ended up with a tomboy. (five older brothers will do that to a girl). Still, she's quite spoiled.

Name: Mitsy
Sex: Female
Species: Mutt
Age: 2
Job Description: Zoey's Dog
Appearance: a small brownish terrier type dog, kind of cute really, when it isn't yipping your ear off.
Tidbits:Mitsy does not like Creature. The feeling is mutual. Whenever Creature sees Mitsy, he does something mean to it. Usually Mitsy yips at him until he kicks her.

Name: Veronica
Alias: Nicky, Todd's Mom
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: Undisclosed
Job Description: Music Teacher. Mother of five boys, one girl.
Appearance: A cleancut, no-nonsense, christian woman. Midlength brown hair, brown eyes. About 5'5".
Tidbits: Todd's mom likes to get to the bottom of things, which means she tends to snoop about. She's also a typical mother, she worries about her kids and what kinds of things they are doing, so she is always prying into their personal life and trying to find out more. She doesn't understand what is going on with Scott or Alyssa, and though she often tolerates their presence, she really doesn't approve of them.

Name: Derrin
Alias: Cradle Robber
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Age: 17
Job Description: High School Senior
Appearance: Derrin's one of those guys who seems to have it all. He's about 6'1", short brown hair, blue eyes, and overall good looks. In fact, most girls would describe him as 'rawwr'
Tidbits: Derrin's one of those all around guys that is good at everything he does. He's also a rich kid, his parents got him a brand spanking new Toyota Celica for his seventeenth birthday. However, he's also got this personality that makes everyone like him, he's generally open minded and accepting of people for who they are. And yet, there is another side to Derrin we haven't quite seen yet. He's dating Troy, a freshman, and one of the things that the rest of his friends tease him about, even though they're only about two years difference in age. And so he's acquired the nickname Cradle Robber. He's a closet Vegetarian.
Another Tidbit? I created the character of Derrin about a year before I created the character of Todd. He is linked to the character of Tarriel.

Name: H. Troy
Alias: Troy
Sex: Female (yes, she's a girl. No, Derrin is not gay)
Species: Human
Age: 15
Job Description: High School Freshman
Appearance: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, a match for Derrin in looks. She's also very feminine and dainty.
Tidbits: Troy is, can we say, something that Derrin's friends don't understand. Sure, she's hot, but she's definitely got a dark side to her, she's rather quiet about her home life and loud and brash elsewhere. She's one of those girls that are probably doing things she shouldn't be doing at her age.

Name: Jarome
Alias: Lady Killer
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Age: 18
Job Description: High School Senior
Appearance: Tall, almost 6'4", dark skin, short black hair that he's thinking about growing out.
Tidbits: Jarome's a major flirt, and part of the pack that Derrin and Todd hang out with. Jarome has a major thing for Splash, who finds him charming but is not interested, which disappoints him at first but he's moved on and is now dating Jen.

Name: Tempest
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: 16
Job Description: High School Junior
Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, dark complexion, kind of an exotic mysterious look due to her asian heritage. Average height, about 5'5". Tidbits: Tempest is a nice girl, but has a temper if you cross her (not recommended). She and Todd share a lot in common, as she is very active in sports and such. She's got patience galore when it comes to the antics of Scott and Alyssa. Currently, she's dating Todd.

Alias: The Activist
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Age: 17
Job Description High School Senior
Appearance: Fair complexion, blonde wavy hair, brown eyes, about 6' tall.
Tidbits: Todd and Ethan have an interesting friendship, they have very differing political standings. Ethan got his nickname from the fact that he champions the rights of everything from PETA to Gay Marriage. Sometimes he goes a little over board. He often uses Todd's first name liberally, despite the fact that he knows it drives Todd nuts. But then again, that's just Ethan.
Oh, and he's gay. It's mostly implied in the comic.

Alias: Dan, GI Jane
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: 18
Job Description High School Senior
Appearance: Dark complexion, dark brown hair with red streaks, brown eyes, very petite, about 5'1".
Tidbits: Dan is what Todd describes as one of those chicks that's out to prove anything a man can do she can do better. First appearances can be decieving, she looks like a tiny cute girl, but she can still kick your ass. Her and Ethan are supposedly 'dating', though not really, they call each other friends with benefits. They just seem to get along because Dan's kind of an activist too, at least when it comes to women in combat. She's a total tomboy. Todd has a crush on her that he's discovered he shouldn't pursue.

Alias: Jen, J.Lo
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: 17
Job Description High School Senior, Cheerleader
Appearance: Hispanic in origin, long black hair, brown eyes, about 5'8"
Tidbits: Jennifer was cursed with having a common hispanic surname and a common first name, and then some actress that shares it got famous. As such, she is constantly getting riled by everyone at school. Todd's friends set her up with Creature at one point, just so that he could get the idea of how teenager's date. They didn't click, and Jen hooked up with Jarome instead.

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