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Name: Stanley Oregano
Alias: Captain, Sir
Sex: Male
Job Description: Captain of his own Space ship, The Shrunken Head!
Appearance: Tannish in color, four arms, big smile with flashy white teeth, nothing can bring Oregano down, except for confronting his loath enemy, the Pill Pushers, which brings out the worst in him. When such, he tends to yell and wave his fingers around and point at things in anger
Likes: The Purple Box, strange and bizarre creatures, flying through space
Dislikes: Pill Pushers, anyone who disobeys his orders to the pill pushers.

Other Characters

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Name:Johny Jetengines
Sex: Male
Job Description: Second in Command of The Shrunken Head
Appearance: Grey with long ears, and no teeth.  Johny is often the kindhearted one that doesn't like confrontations.  He is also easily manipulated, especially by the sweet call of the Pill Pushers. Name: Vandar
Sex: Male
Job Description: Security Guard
Appearance: Purple Lizard in blue uniform.  Either he is yelling at everyone or quivering in fear, in which he requires the Captain to pull him back together.  He will give up all loyalties to Oregano for food, however. Name: Coloterm
Sex: Male
Job Description: Science Officer
Appearance:Three Eyed Being with his finger perpetually jammed up his nose. If the attention is not on him for the time being, he quietly disappears for a while.  He's the only one who makes any mention of Oregano's visitors, if you didn't notice. Name: Pandlemort
Sex: Female
Job Description: Communications
Appearance: Small Yellow being that when not engaged in her job, is either listening to music or cutting things up.  Pandlemort doesn't have much of a will to stand up against anything and generally will give in, including the enemy. Name: Poofy
Sex: Female
Job Description: Navigation
Appearance: A little ball of pink fluff, all Poofy can basically do is drive around and say 'Eep' Name: The Doctor
Sex: Male
Job Description: Ship Doctor, also recently discovered to being a Spy.
Appearance: A horned person with an attitude, basically all he wants is Oregano's job and his ship, at least that's what Oregano has come to decide. Name: You know, she is never mentioned by name
Alias: One of the dreaded Pill Pushers
Sex: female
Job Description: Public Enemy Number One
Appearance: She looks sweet and all, but her intentions are anything but. Name: Another Annonymous Nurse
Alias: Another Pill Pusher
Sex: female
Job Description: Public Enemy Number Two
Appearance: Shoulderlength blonde hair, pretty face, obviously a look to sucker the most hardened warrior.  Lies, all LIES!!!
Oregano's Pets
Toothy, Oregano's pet arachnolizard, deriving its name form its eight legs and eyes, many teeth, and generally hideous appearance. Penelope, a wereguzzard, whatever that is. Nazook, a mammoth.  Why there is a mammoth on board a spaceship, I am not knowing.  It probably has to do with the fact that this space ship is not made up of entirely sane people.

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