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The Misc Section is designated to characters who have not officially been given a world (commonly introduced through detours and the like) as well as Dream Sequences. They may have been introduced before, but this is a more official home for them.

Splash Dream Sequence
Splash has a strange dream, or rather, a memory that surfaces from before her time in the Vortron when she stays on a world long enough to require her to sleep. It is a strong clue about her past, as it is obviously an important memory to her that effects her at the present, but for some reason, as soon as she awakens, it melds back into her subconscious and she forgets once more.

Name: Tulla
Appearances: A young girl, seemingly distressed and somewhat nervous.
Personality: Tulla is insecure, being one of four sisters that she mentions. She is depressed, coming to her sister to seek solace over her mother's death.
Tidbits: Tulla is introduced through Splash's dream sequence, as we are experiencing the events through her as we note her going to see her sister to bring some bad news about their mother. We soon learn through the dream that Tulla is Splash as Splash was in her youth. There is no note on when this sequence took place. All Splash remembers is it taking place twenty years to some event.

Name: Kessa
Appearances: A pretty woman, older then Tulla, and starting to show her age about her.
Personality: Kessa is a comforter, especially to Tulla, who comes to her seeking
Tidbits: Kessa is Tulla's older sister, carrying a big burdon upon her, as she and Tulla have not seen each other in twenty years. The exchange they pass between each other is not a pleasent one, as Kessa displays the fact that the life she has chosen has not done her justice. She has had a hard life and given her love to one who did not deserve it.
There is much evidence to show that this was the last time her and Tulla conversed.

Creature Dream Sequence
Creature falls into a dream too, and his dream is rather chaotic, somewhat of a nightmare.

Name: Is not stated within the dream sequence, Creature refers to her later as Splash
Appearances: As Creature puts it, appears as Splash does now (being the time they are visiting Todd's world, which is when this dream sequence takes place). A human with a dark complexion and long black hair. He even so far as calls her Splash.
Tidbits: This dream sequence seems to discern what happened to the Creators. The dream is somewhat chaotic, toward the end, it shows her shifting form into her unicorn self, which probably clued Creature as to who she is. She promises to take care of something by Derrick.

Name: Derrick
Appearances: At first glance, Derrick appears human. It is also soon to be discovered that it is difficult to discern what Derrick is, male or female because of an Androgynous appearance. However, when faced with those attacking their fortress, Derrick soon reveals a true appearance, which matches that of their attackers.
Tidbits: Derrick is revealed to carry another name, Silver. And it is also shown that Derrick is the target of the attack.

Name: Unknown
Appearances: a woman, throughout Creature's dream sequence, she appears three seperate times, as she first defies her attackers, and then throughout the sequence she runs from them before she falls.
Tidbits: There is something about this woman that caused Creature to remember her, though he has flashes of some other humans as well, it is not certain what it is. In her hand is a pendant of unknown importance.

Name: Unknown
Appearances: A black beast with a very menacing demeanor. I would say he's rather intimidating looking, don't you? One of many beasts that take on a similar appearance, this one Creature focuses on specifically.
Tidbits: One of the 'monsters' Creature noted in his dream sequence that somewhat stuck out to him. There are many shown throughout the dream sequence as well, all Creature remembers of them is that they were destroying and killing everything in their wake.

Comic Detours
Being detours, a lot of times I will let onto characters and introduce them in this manner without telling you much about them. Don't come here seeking answers, this is just a way to keep them sorted out.

Name: Kami
Species: Human
Appearances: Girl in her twenties, t-shirt and jeans type, sometimes seen in an army uniform.
Tidbits: Yes, this is the creater of the webcomic, yours truly. Every once in a while I go ahead and as a small joke, put myself into the comic strip (because ALL webcomic artists do that from time to time). However, I only show up in these side comics that don't pertain to the storyline. I believe I'm going to stop, it is actually quite annoying.

Name: Bowser Brown
Species: Dog
Tidbits: Bowser was loaned to the comic by one of my readers Barsecca, he doesn't actually belong to me, or rather, he is copy righted to himself. He decided to see what guarding the Vortron was all about and discovered the only thing of interest to do was to hit on Splash.
I would have liked to see where this exchange would have gone. . .

Name: Eyrich
Appearances: A hybrid appearance, between human and the same species as his companion within the same comic.
Tidbits: This guy was introduced in the question session of the Creature detour. Magic makes a strange point to ask out loud who's idea it was to bring these two along, and Snow proudly proclaims that it was hers.
This is a character that will play a big part in the comic later, except I highly doubt I will ever get to that point. So whatever. Eyrich is who Creature would be if he never went to the Vortron.

Name: Sabor
Appearances: A brown/grey 'dog' with light points and light blue eyes.
Tidbits: Introduced with the above character in the same comic. Not much is said about them, only they are making a point to clarify the question, perhaps more for their sake then the readers.
Which likely makes more people confused about what's going on here rather then them. That's pretty damn annoying, my apologies. Sabor is Creature's brother.

Name: Phits, Myze and Stax. In that order. Although they are actually not referred to by name within the comic, I will surrender that information to you anyway.
Appearances: Three dragons that look identical, green with dark green and light green points. So they are green.
Tidbits: These dragons showed up for a question and answer session to the dragon Kyrs. Phits appears to have something against him specifically, and makes a point to mention how Kyrs' name is pronounced similar to the word 'Curse', (which is some what true). What Phits states about him is somewhat true, so this comic reveals perhaps more about Kyrs then it reveals about them. Stax in this situation, is somewhat trying to quell a fight between the other two, but its not working. I guess I should make it a point to mention that these three are often at each other's throats.

Name: Demon
Species: Same as Magic in his Dark Phase, I have termed them Unidraks
Appearances: Demon appears very much like a miniature Magic. He growls a lot.
Tidbits: Demon was introduced in a brief flashback when it was discovered that Creature and Magic went into the Vortron together to dispose of him. Demon is actually Splash's grandson and Magic's nephew. He later becomes good, and I'm quite fond of this character.

Name: Ground Hog
Species: Ground Hog
Appearances: Furry, rodent like, made an appearance for Ground Hog Day, 2005
Tidbits: I wasn't very happy with my current placement when I made this comic. I had to get my anger out somewhere. So I took it out on the Ground Hog.

Name: Star
Species: Unidrak
Appearances: rather Spikey, appeared in the 2005 Halloween Comic
Tidbits: Everyone assumes that this was Magic. All I am going to say is it's not. It's his brother. Who is the father of Demon.

Name: Todd
Appearances: Well, Gosh, red fur, white along the belly and on the tip of the tail, black paws and tips of ears. Wearing a suit and tie to introduce a skit I had in mind. What can I say, he's a fox.
Tidbits: I had this running joke in mind that would appear randomly through the comic, but I discovered it didn't work, so I eventually removed it. I can put it back here, because it works in this format, but overall eventually I abandoned the idea, as it was far more funnier in my head then on paper. I have plans for this character, I just haven't completely developed them, and I'm not sure if it will ever show. If it does, it will be fun, if it doesn't, well, its a character I can scrap if I need to.
Todd gets tossed out of the vortron in one particular comic, into Patch's world, which doesn't support human form, and becomes a fox for a while. I had this planned out for a while, yes. I doubt it will ever find fruitation, so you can be haunted by the idea of what it would mean if I ever got to that part of the story.

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