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The character reference sheet here depicts characters told through Magic's story in the main Creature story arc along with the comic that bares his name, mainly, a reference of characters before he met with Creature and Splash

Name: Seamagic
Alias: Magic, Black Magic
Sex: Male
Species: Unicorn
Age: Varies from youth to adult
Job Description: Being an adolescent unicorn that is heir to a herd
Appearance: White fur, wings, brown eyes, shaggy mane as of his youth.
Personality: A dreamer in his youth, with a somewhat overactive imagination at times. Has a propensity towards darkness, and found his way corrupted by power.
Tidbits: Magic was the third character created in this comic that has become a main character. Originally he did tell his story before, as he had always been guilty of murder. However before he had told it to Splash and Magic. Now he tells it to Snow.

Name: Kyrs
Sex: Male
Species: Dragon
Age: Very old. Very very old.
Job Description: An elder dragon, with a quite a bit of clout amongst his kind.
Appearance: Green. Long yellow horns with a yellow belly.
Personality: Of course, right now we can't tell a lot, but we know the dragon is up to something. And it has to do with Unicorns. What that could be, only Kyrs knows?
Tidbits: Kyrs is a pretty big character in the story later. He also hosted my personal website for a while.

Name: Star
Sex: Male
Species: Unicorn
Age: Four years younger then Magic.
Job Description: Magic's younger brother.
Appearance: White fur, wings, brown eyes, shaggy mane as of his youth. He very much is a unicorn in appearance
Personality: Star is a huge flirt, loves checking out the various females. However, he seems to know more about Magic's agenda and comes to Magic in great anger when Magic shows that he's turning black.
Tidbits: Star and Magic were great friends in their youth. When they discovered the dragon, something shifted in their relationship, before they considered themselves invincible, and suddenly, they discovered they weren't. Star seems supportive of Magic, but he's the first one to find Magic when Magic discovers himself turning black. Star then disowns him, claiming to not be his brother.
In later comics, Magic mentions to have lost his horn to his brother, who then took over the herd. So there is reason to believe that Star inherited the Olsolsi herd once Magic left.

Name: Drex
Sex: Female
Species: Dragon
Age: Elderly, though about 150 Years younger then Kyrs
Job Description:
Appearance: Red Scales, Decent sized dragon.
Personality: Somewhat devious, very temperamental and clashes often with her mate.
Tidbits: She's Kyrs' Mate. She seems to be rather angry with him too.

Name: Seastone
Sex: Male
Species: Unicorn
Job Description: Leader of the Olsolsi Unicorns
Appearance: White fur, long main and beard, bares the scars of battles of the past. Very intimidating Unicorn.
Personality: Wise, patient, Understanding, things that come with age and experience
Tidbits: Seastone is an elder unicorn, greatly respected by the herd. He also senses early on that there is something wrong with Magic.

Name: Snail
Alias: Honor's Night
Sex: Male
Species: Unicorn
Tidbits: When Magic goes to Kyrs begging him to remove his curse, Kyrs brings him hope by mentioning another unicorn in his bloodline that had overcome it, with the help of a mysterious women that Kyrs alludes to. It turns out, Kyrs has a background with this unicorn, together they defeated a dragon that had gone mad. However, they did not tell their respective cultures of their collaboration.

Name: Restarrian
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Age: Appears in his twenties when we first meet him.
Job Description: A mage of sorts, conspiring with two other mages
Appearance: Fair skinned, brown hair that falls past his shoulders, somewhat of a pretty boy.
Tidbits: Restarrian is plotting with the following two mages on something, what exactly we aren't certain. There's not a lot known about him, except for he can obviously kick Magic's ass when it comes to, well, magic. And it seems like he has some sort of vendetta against the unicorn. He also claims to know a lot about them. In a lot of ways, he's shown to be very cruel and calculating.

Name: So Far Unknown
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Age: An older fellow
Job Description: A Mage involved with Restarrian
Appearance: Very stereotypical of a mage with a long flowing beard, robes, the whole bit.
Tidbits: Not much is known about this guy as of yet, except for the fact that he's plotting something with Restarrian. To what degree, we don't precisely know as of yet.

Name: Unknown thus far
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Another mage, younger then his peer, though greying at the temples.
Tidbits: This guy has been redone a bit, but he is one of the first characters I had created for the comic. And thus, he is important.

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