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Home World

These are all characters that are introduced in the comic during the time period that both Creature and Splash have been in the homeworld, including Creature and Splash themselves.

Name: Magic
Sex: Male
Appearance: A black beast with claws and spikes pointing in various different directions. His horn has also been removed at this point in the story.
Personality: Obviously, at this time, Magic is going through some difficulties and depression as he attempts to overcome himself with the Curse that he bares. He's even suicidal, but the problem with the curse he has prevents him from ending his own life. Even though its obvious he tried a few times to do himself in.
Tidbits: Magic's horn is mentioned to have been removed by his brother. As he tells the story now, he has it back, which is a story in and of itself. He has been alone for five years before he reunites with Splash.

Name: Splash
Sex: Female
Species: Unicorn
Appearance: Splash appears as Magic always remembered her, Purest White, Jade Green Eyes, the most perfect of any unicorn he had ever seen.
Personality: Splash appears melanchaly here, Magic notes that she appears hurt, in pain, and takes comfort in his presence. She also brings mention that she fears that she has failed Creature.
Tidbits: Splash talks about an incident where she was sent away by Creature, the details are not explained, just that something had happened to the both of them. It is also revealed that Magic and Splash spent a year together in each other's company. Their reunion takes place five years after they had seperated. Splash also reveals that she has a son.

Name: Creature
Sex: Male
Species: 'Dog'
Appearance: Creature appears older here then his Vortronic self, and as we see him, we note that he is a little beat up, his left ear is mauled off. But he is still recognizeable as being Creature.
Personality: Creature appears more serious then he was before, he's kind of reclusive, and also a bit jumpy.
Tidbits: Creature's gone through a bit of a change since being in the Vortron. He's gotten wiser, as he understands a lot more now in retrospect then he did before. When ever he goes out into the open, he will usually shift into another form. This is in respect to his culture. Sometimes its human, but he never shifts into human form in the presence of another 'dog'.

Name: Night
Sex: Male
Species: Unicorn, with a little dragon in there as well.
Appearance: Night shows to have three appearances. He can appear as a unicorn, dragon or human.
Personality: Shy, awkward and somewhat timid. He suffers from
Tidbits: It seems that everyone is trying to figure out who Night's father is. One thing we do know is that his mother is Splash. Magic is known to have part raised him, and he sees Magic very much as a father figure.

Name: Kadge
Species: Same type as Creature at first glance
Appearance: Kadge is also a 'dog', like Creature, and a shape shifter. His fur is grey with dark points
Personality: Kadge is curious about things, asks a lot of questions, and is enthralled with Creature.
Tidbits: We quickly learn that Kadge is guarding Creature, rather for protection then anything else, to make sure Creature doesn't get attacked again. It's not exactly made clear what he's guarding Creature from, but he doesn't seem to mind, though Creature seems to mind his presence.

Name: Shadow Wolves
Appearance: These wolves are dark in appearance, and somewhat transparent, as if they don't quite fit into the mortal realm. They also have glowing orange eyes.
Personality: Very mischievious, highly curiuos, while they are plotting a way to amuse themselves with you, they will try to find out as much as they can about you. They are also a little blunt.
Tidbits: The Shadow Wolves have been in my mind for a long time, as well as the Wind Tunnels of Verdemnia in which they lure their target Magic into. They have to take a solid form when they eat, sleep, kill or mate, but most of the time they flirt about in this transparent form. When they close their eyes as such, they disappear. They can will themselves to be anywhere they want to be. They are always found in packs.

Name: Evening Rose
Sex: Female
Species: Hunter Elf
Appearance: Rose has wild blonde hair and tattoos on her face. She is very scantily dressed, which is the way of her kind.
Tidbits: The Hunter Elves are the elite of this specific tribe of elves, Rose is considered among the best of them. She usually doesn't run from a fight, but Magic unnerves her, for good reason. She is a skilled warrior, at the time of us meeting her, she is on a quest to hunt the Shadow Wolves. They aren't having much luck as she is discovering the wolves are harder to hunt then previously realized. Which makes it a very special quest.

Name: Itimiaus
Sex: Male
Species: Hunter Elf
Appearance: Similar to that of Rose, he two carries tattoos which is a trait of his people
Tidbits: Itimiaus is on the same quest Rose is, he to is among the elite of his people and offered the chance to go on this special quest. He is rivals with Nighthawk

Name: Nighthawk
Sex: Male
Species: Hunter Elf
Appearance: Darker complexion then Rose and Itimiaus, Nighthawk also carries a tattoo across his chest as well as his face.
Tidbits: Nighthawk is a little more headstrong then Rose and Itimiaus, and seems to have more of a complex to prove himself. He is considered the best hunter of his people, and he's got an ego to go with it. He doesn't really like Itimiaus, and honestly Rose can't stand him. He is considered brave and will rush head first into any battle without thinking of the consequences or that it might get him killed. Magic is the first thing that really causes him to think twice, and after their meeting, it will guarantee to eat at him.

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