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Name: Tarriel
Alias: Runt (in his youth, don't think of calling him runt as an adult)
Sex: Male
Species: Dragon

Age: Young, really young (under twenty, which is young for a dragon.)
Job Description: Has no official job, he's still a little too young and lacking in any useful skill.
Appearance: Tarriel is a greenish color (at least now he is), rather small, with large eyes that basically encompass his entire head, giving him that cute appearance that he actually loathes. They are actually blue, though you can't see it. He also speaks with a speech impediment.
Likes: Food, though he's willing to take on a companion that will look past his cuteness and in the same breath not bully him around. We'll get to know more about his likes and dislikes the next time we meet him.
Dislikes: Being referred to as cute, 'runt' or basically smothered. Also dislikes being bullied. In fact, he very much dislikes being a dragon, at least a dragon of his stature.

Age: Appears as a human in his twenties.
Job Description: Mercenary, Drifter
Appearance: A bit scraggly, unshaven, with a sword strapped to his back. Blue eyes, darkish brown hair, ruggedly handsome.
Tidbits: If you can't tell, Tarriel goes through a bit of a transformation from the first time we have met him. He's a little hard around the edges, been through a lot, and has gone through a character change. He is also a womanizer. However, there are a few things that will still catch him by surprise. Creature being one of them.
Creature recognizes Tarriel, through his aura and he feels like he's seen him before, despite the fact that Tarriel looks nothing like his youthful counterpart. Obviously, what Creature reads about him unnerves him enough to prevent him from cutting Creature in half. Or perhaps Tarriel is just curious to know the extent of Creature's cryptic warnings. We don't know for sure.
Tarriel's aura is a red dragon. He is also very weary about taking his dragon form. In other words, he's hiding. Hmm. . .

Name: Dyontor
Sex: Male
Species: Dragon
Age: 200 years Tarriel's Senior, though still fairly young in dragon terms
Job Description: Training to be a spy, as he is very good at taking on foreign appearances and quite proud of the fact. "Dyontor is a master shape shifter in our kind"
Appearance: He basically looks however he wants, however when he's a dragon, he's green, same color as Tarriel, being Tarriel's brother and all.
Likes: Loves shape shifting (he get's an exhileration from it), and since he's quite good at it, he rubs it in every one else's face.
Dislikes: Basically how everyone else babies Tarriel, which he disapproves of, and being reminded of the little details (oh, like humans generally wear clothing, by the way)
Tidbits: I originally drew this character wearing pants, and then I discovered how difficult it would be to draw him shape shifting with the pants on, so I took them off and made him naked so it would be easier to depict him shape shifting later. However, when I got to that point, I hit a brainfart in that I found I couldn't draw him which nullified the reason I made him naked in the first place. Still, I got a couple corny jokes out of it at least!

Name: Jasar
Sex: Male
Species: Dragon
Age: I think he's close to four hundred years Tarriel's Senior. he's mentoring Jasar and trying to help him more on his broader magical spells.
Job Description: Dragon Mage, and a powerful one at that.
Appearance: Quote taken out of story where this character is derived from. "The red was a little larger then a griffon, and perhaps more. Yet this dragon was easily double that. And instead of the brilliant red scales that the younger dragon bore on his hide, this dragon was a brash and metallic dark green, like seaweed, the only word that Dirgarth could think to describe it. His belly was a lighter silvery yellow, contrasting deeply to his green scales, which held the same metallic sheen." Jasar also shape shifts, though he isn't proficient at taking the likeness of others like Dyontor.
Tidbits: The first time we saw Jasar, he wore blue robes. The second time his robes are black. This has nothing to do with the type of magic he performs, as that is consistent. Turns out, he wears black in mourning.

Name: Thar
Species: Ogre
Job Description: Barkeep of the Trails End
Appearance: a large green ogre with a tattoo on the side of his face. He's rough around the edges, but he seems to have a special kinship with Tarriel.
Tidbits: I actually created Thar's character before I saw Shrek, and then I had him speaking with somewhat of a Scottish accent. Shrek just reinforced the idea of a Scottish Ogre in my opinion. Damn it.

Name: Zanziber
Sex: Male
Species: Dragon
Age: 200 years Tarriel's Senior, though still fairly young in dragon terms
Job Description: Dragon Warrior, which means he's tough
Appearance: He looks a lot like Dyontor, as they are brothers. However, he's a bit more thicker and stockier then Dyontor is. As quoted in story, "he had light leafy green scales, which appeared to camouflage well with the green of the forest."
Tidbits: Zanziber is never introduced, and likely never will be. He's used to threaten Tarriel because he's good at kicking people's asses, however truthfully later Zanziber get's along better with Tarriel then Dyontor does.

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