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Frank's World

Name: Frank
Sex: Male
Species: I call him a Goat Man
Age: Young adult, trying to prove himself
Job Description: Scientist, working in a lab
Appearance: Bright red hair, with red wings, two tails.
Personality: An eccentric scientist, great at keeping a secret until he's actually done what he needs to do. Then he will tell anyone he can tell. He's also one for impressing everyone to compensate for them talking behind his back about how nuts he is.
Tidbits: Frank just created an interdimensional time portal, and now that he has it, common sense has seemingly fled his brain.

Name: Iogo
Sex: Female (yeah, I know)
Species: Another Goat Man
Age: Young, younger then Frank for certain
Job Description: Currently an Intern, or an apprentice, whatever you want to call her
Appearance: Blue hair and wings, only one tail.
Personality: Loves video games, often playing them when she shouldn't be. In fact, she's extremely aggressive on them. Otherwise, she's incredibly timid and non-confrontational. At least, now she is. She's not much of one for taking risks either. We'll see more later.
Tidbits: You may be wondering, er, Female? This world doesn't have that same gender norms as earth, people. In fact, the gender norms are very similar to another species of creatures I created, but I didn't say that.

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