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Name: Myra
Sex: Female
Species: Of Human Background, Jalnyan in appearance
Age: She is older then her companion, that much is known. How old, well, you'll have to wait until she willingly surrenders the information.
Job Description: Protector of her ungrateful companion, a known Creator to the Vortron and secretary of the committee that created it.
Appearance: Dark skin, green eyes, generally covered from head to toe in a dust colored robe, her face is usually covered completely revealing only her eyes. Myra doesn't like people gawking at her and henceforth tries to remain as inconspicious as possible.
Personality: Myra is patient. Extremely patient. She is generally understanding of people for the most part, and when she doesn't understand, she wants too. However, there is something missing in her life, and she can sense that as well. In fact, it brings her deep sadness, yet at the same times terrifies her. She's also rather stubborn.
Abilities: Woe be the person who thinks that this girl is an easy target. Myra is very skilled in weaponry as well as magic and will defend herself if she needs to. However, her spells are always defensive, never used in offense. She doesn't go looking for trouble. She is extraordinarily powerful and can do some amazing stuff.
Tidbits: Myra helped discover the Vortron, Splash and Creature have her journal, and for some reason if they can concentrate hard enough, they can hear her from their loft within the Vortron. Actually getting into the same plane as her, well, for some reason they are blocked. As for Myra, well, when they are tuned into her, she can hear them too. She tries to ignore that fact because she's not entirely sure about who or what she is hearing. And besides, hearing voices is never a good sign.

Name: Eyrich
Sex: Male
Species: Also of Human Background, and apparently something else. Mother was Wirsladian so I guess that's what he is too.
Age: Varies, Birthday is 6 Dispazimni 364 RG, since the year is always stated with these comics, put the two and two together.
Job Description: Varies
Appearance: He's rather short (roughly 5'3"), mousy brown hair with startling blue eyes, generally seen with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth. He's not a bad looking guy honestly, kind of a light weight but toned, has a strange pendant that he keeps around his neck and a strange tattoo on his right forearm.
Personality: Sarcastic, eccentric, rarely smiles but when he does, whatever words come with it are generally aimed at ripping on his current companion. He doesn't keep much of those either.
Abilities: Superkeen senses, acute hearing, sight, smell, etc though his smoking habit doesn't help. Very good memory (a little too good), and of course, the fact that he's a shape shifter. Shapeshifting skills are semi-limited, he can only take forms within a certain mass range. The fact that he can take partial forms makes him that much more affluent, however.
Tidbits: Eyrich's a chain smoker, heavy drinker, very paranoid, or so he appears. Strange, Eyrich actually can't stand the smell of cigarettes but alcohol is like mother's milk, and he can't get drunk off of it. When he first discovered his ability to shape shift, which he learned by accident, he didn't know what to make of it. However, as he gets older, he rarely uses this gift, and in fact hides it.
He too, hears the same voices that Myra does, but really doesn't admit to this fact either. Eyrich has a long past despite his young age. He's seen a lot. And he thinks a lot too.

Name: Snail
Sex: Male
Species A talking horse, but as it is with many characters, he is not all that he appears to be.
Age: Past youth.
Job Discription: He's indebted to Myra, and therefore acts as her mount whenever she needs him.
Appearance: A bay stallion with a marking on his right shoulder, a spiral, which is symbolic of his name. A large, powerful war horse.
Personality: Snail has seen and done a lot, but that doesn't stop him from doing stupid things at times, usually acts that occur due to his pride. But he is not egotistical, Myra will swiftly put him in his place, but only if he deserves it. He greatly respects Myra.
Abilities: He talks. Ok, he's defeated a dragon and there is something fishy about the bridle he wears (he wears no saddle and does not tolerate such a contraption). Although like Myra, he does not seek a fight, he is more then capable of defending himself if the need arises. And if he can't, he can run pretty damn fast.
Tidbits: Snail was not born with his current name, and recieved this name due to a tradition. Although he recieved the right to go back to his original name, he chose not too.

Name: Sabor
Sex: At first glance, suspects to be male, but could be female, nobody knows for certain
Species Takes the form of a human, but apparently could be something else.
Age: About eight months older then Eyrich. I know, doesn't look it.
Job Discription: Scholar in training.
Appearance: Has hair completely covered with some strange sort of cap, has a youthful feel about him/(her?), has one of those appearances where you can't really tell if they are male or female, awkward kind of people to be around really. Kind of plain either way. Fair skinned.
Personality: Though not much known about this character, Sabor is extremely loyal to any called friend.
Abilities: None so far, will be known here shortly.
Tidbits: Not much to say about Sabor yet, advanced warning, we will see this character again.

Name: Standard
Sex: Male
Species Appears Human
Age: Older then Sabor
Job Discription: Seeker/Warrior, and for his rank in society, he's actually fairly high.
Appearance: Balding, greasy long reddish brown hair and a beard. Kind of a sinister appearance really.
Personality: A little confident, until Eyrich runs around waving dead fish on a fork. But is knowledgable in his job.
Tidbits: Not much currently to know about him. Um, actually, in the heiarchy of things, Sabor actually outranks this guy, even though he's probably three times (if not more) Sabor's age.

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